LIEBLINGSFUTTER... no philosophy or a marketing joke. It is juicy bit of dog food in highest quality for your best friend. LIEBLINGSFUTTER supports a long and healthy life for your pet and represents an appropriate nutrition.


We believe that a long-term optimum balance of nutrients cannot be achieved by mixing minerals and vitamins in a lab, but only by providing quality of the used ingredients and by variation of meals.

As proud owners of a pack of 6 dogs and 2 cats, we have been adjusting their food regime for years and creating a high-value food programme for dog owners and their pets. We made use of 15+ years know how and put all our experience about natural feeding into one concept: LIEBLINGSFUTTER. Fuel your dog´s life!


The LIEBLINGSFUTTER dog food is always produced from one kind of meat without any substances that are know for harming animals (e.g. NO grain, filling substances, colouring agents, aromatising and attracting substances etc.). And: It is definitely not a mass product.


Our promise: LIEBLINGSFUTTER inside.

Nothing else.


Alexander Layton, Founder

© 2018